Lunchtime Crunchtime: Senior series is a big hit!

The class of 2020 Seniors learn a series of lessons and complete college admissions requirements during their lunch periods.

Finishing strong, our second Upward Bound graduating class composes about fifty percent of our student population. Being almost the majority, we set out to create exclusive programming just for them. The class of 2020 were able to prepare for college during our lunchtime program, “Series Series”. Bi-Weekly we met with students about the key elements and tasks to truly be college bound, From FAFSA to college essays, our students showed up to receive information and get things done.

By providing the students space and time for their college tasks in the midst of their already “busy” high school lives, allowed us to get them needed information and met deadlines. The benefits of attending were already great but to put the icing on the cake, students could also receive 3 Seeds application waivers. Selected students receive up to $50 to apply to the college of their choice. The class of 2020 did so well with participation and completing college materials, we implemented a senior trip. Our senior trip lead us to The University of Wisconsin-Madison. We explored labs, did experiments, toured, met with current multicultural students and even ended the day at the zoo. The class of 2020 literally worked hard and played hard this semester. As they conclude their high school journey, we are still working to get them to their next goal of post secondary education.

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