Volunteer work involves giving your time and effort to nonprofit or community service organizations, or simply helping others in need. While volunteering should inherently be a selfless act to benefit someone else, there are personal and professional benefits to you for getting involved in giving back. 3 Seeds Mentoring Group is always looking for volunteers to assist us with our programming efforts.

The personal satisfaction of helping others get their needs is a key motivation and benefit of volunteer work. Helping build a home for someone through a program like “Habitat for Humanity,” for instance, gives you something tangible to know you have contributed. Knowing that you helped make someone’s life better just by donating your time and talent makes it a rewarding experience.

Here are some other reasons that you may want to volunteer with 3 Seeds Mentoring Group sometime this year:

  • Networking

    Getting involved in community service and volunteer work is a great way to make new friends and professional contacts. Many people turn to community organizations like fraternities and sororities to collaborate with other community leaders in service work. Often, people in similar lines of work or other business leaders in your area are involved. You not only have the chance to work together on something positive, but you can build relationships that carry over to business and life.

  • Skill Development

    Volunteer work doesn’t generally result in compensation, but it may provide indirect ways for you to make more money down the road. It’s an investment in yourself that’s worth way more than you think. If you want to learn how to do anything professionally, volunteering can be the perfect avenue to get free training from expert teachers while also helping others at the same time!

  • Career Research

    A common reason people volunteer is for career development. High school and college students are routinely encouraged to volunteer as a way to add skills and experience to their resume. Having service activities on your resume also shows that you are willing to go above and beyond the bare minimum effort required of you on a job. If you are willing to give 100% without being paid, image how well you would do if they actually paid you? Remember people and potential employers are watching you every day so make every opportunity count!