About Us

Students and their mentors having a group meetingThe 3 Seeds Mentoring Group Mission Statement

Our organization exists to support disadvantaged youth by exposing them to career fields, developing their creativity, and building their character.

Our Goals and Objectives

The 3 Seeds Mentoring Group will strive to:

  • improve the quality of life and employment options for the youth
  • create and equip servant leaders
  • enroll the youth in an educational program that will help them fulfill their potentials
  • teach and develop soft skills and critical thinking ability
  • expand their professional network and skill set
  • expose them to various professional experiences and occupations

We shall fulfill these goals through seminars, workshops, after school activities and other avenues from which the youth can socialize with peers and learn from role models. There is a better future that awaits all of us.

When we are young, we can envision a future for ourselves – a future where we can sustain a means of living and live a meaningful life with those we love. Start an enlightening journey at your young age and join the mentoring programs here at 3 Seeds Mentoring Group.

If you are an adult who would like to be one of our mentors, please send a message online to express your interest.