Male Mentoring

Male Mentoring:

Mentoring Goals:
3 Seeds Mentoring Group will focus on three areas to develop our young men:

Character, Creativity, and Careers

The Importance of Character:
Character Goal: Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and workforce contexts.
Promoting one’s own health, avoiding risky behaviors, dealing honestly and fairly with others, and contributing to the good of one’s classroom, school, family, community, and environment are essential to citizenship in a democratic society. Achieving these outcomes requires an ability to make decisions and solve problems on the basis of accurately defining decisions to be made, generating alternative solutions, anticipating the consequences of each, and evaluating and learning from one’s decision making.

Workshop Topics Include:
Priorities, Work Ethic, Integrity, Morals and Values, the definition of a Man, Purpose of education, Your role in society, your role in the family, Your Purpose, Your Circle

The Importance of Creativity:
Creativity Goal: Teach students higher-level thinking, teamwork, and communication skills through project based assignments.
The creative thought process is connected to higher-level thinking. When students are challenged to communicate verbal messages visually, the problem solving involved allows them to make a variety of decisions that lead to the successful completion of a project. Focusing on challenging an individuals thought process is a unique approach to changing their decision making ability and mentality. When a student has to constantly come up with unique visual solutions to everyday problems, they tend to also develop other transferable skills along the way due to their constant interactions with their instructor, peers, and clients.

Workshop Topics Include:
Invest in Yourself, Time Management, Entrepreneurship, The 7 Transferable Skills, Conflict Resolution, Client Solutions,The Design Factory, and other design projects using Photoshop.

The Importance of Career Exposure:
Careers Goals: Teach students the skills necessary for researching career fields, networking, interviewing, securing, and marinating gainful employment. This section is designed to assist students in the development of effective soft skills and attitudes through cooperative educational agreements and internships. Classroom instruction only focuses on providing students with basic career exploration skills. We plan to identify their natural strengths and abilities and build on that foundation to connect them to meaningful career opportunities that lead to fulfillment instead of frustration. Written training agreements and individual student training plans are developed and agreed upon by the employer, student, and programing coordinator to ensure a good fit for all parties involved.

Other topics include: Experiential career opportunities, SMART Goals, job -seeking skills, personal development plan, Making your contacts count.

At the completion of the program all students will be able to successfully:

– Recognize personal qualities and external supports.
– Demonstrate skills related to achieving personal and academic goals.
– Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others.
– Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others.
– Contribute to the well-being of one’s school and community.
– Demonstrate knowledge of image creation and manipulation
– Understand how soft skills and image effect employment
– Demonstrate knowledge in selecting creative career opportunities