Adobe Workshops

Adobe Photoshop 101:
Our Photoshop workshops are comprehensive classes that enables students to use the software to manipulate photos and to create graphics for both print and web. This classes are great for new users, and seasoned users who want to fill “gaps” in their Photoshop knowledge. We start by explaining the Photoshop interface and the basic tool set and then we build from there by completing projects where students can work at their own pace. Your Adobe Certified Instructor takes you through dozens of hands-on exercises teaching you how to properly work with layers, masks, and adjustments

The Design Factory: A project based learning experience using adobe software
Traditionally, most student work is created for the insulated world of the classroom and is rarely seen by anyone except a teacher. In contrast, the design factory projects seek to create work that fills needs or interests in the broader school, community, or world.The assignments in this class are designed to teach the observer. If the final project is hanging in the hall, it will educate or inspire the viewer to want to learn more about the topic. Students will use elements of graphic design and photograph to complete the assignments.