• The 3 Seeds Mentoring Group Mission Statement

    3 Seeds seeks to transform the lives of disadvantaged youth through innovative, life changing experiences

  • Our Goals and Objectives

    The 3 Seeds Mentoring Group will strive to:

    • Provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entry
    • Expose our students to various professional experiences and occupations
    • Enroll each students in the appropriate major that lead to their desired profession
    • Teach and develop soft skills and critical thinking ability
    • Expand their professional network through various community partnerships
    • Expose students to STEM careers, activities, and internships
    • Help each student to develop next level study habits and self advocacy skills

3 Seeds mentoring group is a movement.

We are a collective of passionate college and career success coaches who help students to develop their own individual life roadmaps. We understand that our students come from many different home environments and life situations so we look to support their development inside and outside of the classroom by using innovation and technology. Our goal is to expose them to as many different hands on experiences as possible in hopes of them connecting with a path that directly speaks to their natural ability and destiny. On their unique journey towards self-awareness we are the tour guides assigned to them during this season to assist and develop them along the way. Our end goal is to help our students attain their life goals beyond their high school diploma and introduce each student to who they were always meant to be.