• The 3 Seeds Mentoring Group Mission Statement

    3 Seeds seeks to transform the lives of disadvantaged youth through innovative, life changing experiences.

  • We focus on 3 areas:

    In addition to college and career readiness skills we focus on Character, Creativity, and Careers:

    • Character Goal: Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and workforce contexts.
    • Creativity Goal: Teach students higher-level thinking, teamwork, and communication skills through project based assignments.
    • Careers Goals: Teach students the skills necessary for researching career fields, networking, interviewing, securing, and maintaining gainful employment.

Personal Development:

Promoting one’s own health, avoiding risky behaviors, dealing honestly and fairly with others, and contributing to the good of one’s classroom, school, community, and environment are essential to being a well rounded balanced person. Achieving these outcomes requires an ability to make decisions and solve problems on the basis of accurately defining decisions to be made, generating alternative solutions, anticipating the consequences of each, and evaluating and learning from one’s decision making. Our goal is the raise the next generation of leaders with the ability to mentally play chess not checkers. It’s about long term success not instant gratification and “get rich quick” schemes.  We are creating healthy, sustainable mentalities one student at a time.