3 Seeds mentoring group is a movement.

We are a collective of passionate college and career success coaches who help students to develop their own individual life roadmaps.Our goal is to expose them to as many different hands on experiences as possible in hopes of them connecting with a path that directly speaks to their natural ability and destiny. On their unique journey towards self-awareness we are the tour guides assigned to them during this season to assist and develop them along the way. Our end goal is to help our students attain their life goals beyond their high school diploma and introduce each student to who they were always meant to be.

Here is an excerpt from an article that we found online that describes the importance of Career simulations and how they can better prepare students for the workforce:

Career educators and counselors have long recognized that factual information about careers and employability skills, presented in traditional classroom formats, insufficiently prepares students to enter an increasingly complex workplace.Various authors (e.g., Barth, 1984; Klausmeier & Daresh, 1983) have suggested that a shift toward a stronger experiential learning focus in career education could help students make the transition from fact-based learning about employment to skilled job performance. These suggestions have led to an increase in experiential career education initiatives such as work experience, job shadowing, and co-op education. Workplace simulations are an effective way to bridge the gap between students’ initial cognitive understanding of employability skills and their full engagement in the workplace environment.

How your can partner with us 

We at 3 Seeds are COMMITTED to creating as many as these workplace simulations as we possibly can. If you are passionate about your profession or your career field, please email me at jthomas@3seeds.org so that we can brainstorm and create a simple simulation of what it would look and feel like to walk in your shoes for a day. We want the students to be able to experience the different challenges and problems you encounter as well as the different team dynamics and social politics they need to be able to navigate to successfully accomplish their daily tasks. These are the experiences that will make them more employable and will help them to identify the areas of growth that the still need to develop outside of the classroom.

We have successfully created simulations with the Chicago Police Department in partnership with the Illinois State Police creating a 3 day traffic reconstruction program where students were able to go out into a recreated crash scene and process it with the actual tools and forms that are used on the job. It was an amazing experience and we would like to do more experiences like this for our students in the near future!