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Why You Should Join 3 Seeds Mentoring Group??

It strengthens your network

In high school, you will make a lot of decisions that will prepare you for college and your future! Believe it or not, being part of student organizations or high school clubs is one of them. That makes no sense, right? Why would extracurricular activities or joining high school clubs matter so much down the road? More importantly, how can joining a club or organization in high school benefit you right now? At the end of the day your network determines your new worth and what better way to build your circle than to be around motivated young people who are all hungry for the same thing?! Joining a club or organization is an easy way to meet people who have the same interests as you. What better way to make real connections than to talk about something you know you both already enjoy? Because of the similar interests, you’ll feel more comfortable to really be yourself!

It helps with time management

Student organizations teach you time management. While dealing with the struggles of being a high school student, one might feel that organizing priorities and managing time has become a bit of a problem. Lucky for you, student organizations can help solve that problem. How can adding another activity to your huge list of responsibilities help you manage your time? Well, it’s quite simple. Being busy allows you to organize your time effectively and prioritize each task according to its importance, which not only helps you get through to graduation day, but looks really good on your résumé. Employers want to see that you can balance work, life, and any other activities. The work you put in may feel useless right now, but it will pay off in the long run big time!

It shows commitment and balance

When it comes to college applications, admissions boards like to see students who are diverse in their interests both inside and outside of the classroom. No high school club or organization is better than the other, so choose something that truly ignites your passion ( like 3 Seeds Mentoring Group 🙂 ). What’s important is that you can demonstrate commitment to a cause, group, or interest; and how your impact helped it grow. Involvement and achievement with one or two solid clubs or organizations are enough to show college admissions boards how well rounded you are. Being involved with an organization like 3 Seeds also gives you AMAZING content to write about in your personal statement as you continue on your journey toward graduation!

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