• The 3 Seeds Mentoring Group Mission Statement

    3 Seeds seeks to transform the lives of disadvantaged youth through innovative, life changing experiences

  • 3 Seeds Mentoring Group currently has 6 programs
    that students can get involved in:

    • Trio Upward Bound
    • TRiO Educational Talent Search Program
    • The Ambassador Program
    • STEM Robotics Club
    • From the ground Up – Media Program
    • Junior Executives – Male Mentoring Program

Here at 3 Seeds we like to have multiple ways for students to connect with the program on a personal level. Joining student clubs and organizations give students the opportunity to meet a diverse population of people that allow them to expand their thinking, interest, and social network. Involvement encourages personal development and ownership through communication and exploration through different projects. It also allows them to develop leadership skills within an environment of their peers. They will be able to learn from fellow students and establish their own unique leadership abilities through planning and implementing different activities and events for that group. If there is a program you are interested in please visit their webpage or send us an email at info@3seeds.org to find out how to get involved.