Ambassador Program

About The Ambassador Program
The 3 Seeds Ambassador Program is an opportunity for involved 3 Seeds participants to take a leadership role within the program. These selective students will bring a deeper understanding of 3 Seeds to prospective students and families, be a point of contact for current participants, represent their grade level, contribute to classroom presentations, participate in special events, and more.

Responsibilities of An Ambassador

  • Represent 3 Seeds during events and trips
  • Provide support to 3 Seeds staff members
  • Attend required training and team building activities
  • Provide referrals to the program
  • Table and outreach in the cafeteria as needed
  • Contribute to presentations for new students, parents, and guests

Ambassador Mentality

  • Have 3 Seeds spirit
  • Actively demonstrate good communication skills
  • Are open to learning new things
  • Have a commitment to the advancement of 3 Seeds
  • Embody the three focus areas of 3 Seeds: character, career, and creativity

This is not only an opportunity for students to gain professional experience; it’s a worthwhile experience that create memories between a selective group of students. Throughout your service as an ambassador you will experience personal and professional benefits such as:

  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Friendship and Fun Times

Application Process
Ambassador will serve in their position for a full year. Applications will be open around August and ambassadors will begin their duties around September. Check back more more details!