Media Production

From the Ground Up Mission & Vision

From the Ground Up Production is a 3 Seeds Mentoring Group Media Production program that serves as a foundation for students hoping to gain knowledge and experience developing media projects for themselves, their peers and 3 Seeds Mentoring Group.From the Ground Up Production collaborates with 6th-12th graders throughout the calendar year to undergo entry-level basic instruction to develop students’ ability to capture video images, audio and other key aspects of producing quality content.

The goal of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to build, acquire, and utilize an understanding of the video production process. Students will be required to work in various production roles both in front of and behind the camera to produce enjoyable & beneficial content for the entire 3 Seeds community.

Students committed to this program will;

    • Develop basic understanding of how to operate a video camera.
    • Understand techniques to capture digital audio.
    • Have access to editing software via the Adobe Suite.
    • Gain leadership abilities by directing or producing projects.
    • Work with small groups to collaborate ideas and concepts.
    • Build their resumes and portfolios for post-secondary education.

Students involved in this program have created:

    • Public Service Announcements
    • Podcast Interviews
    • Commericals
    • Classroom Assignments
    • Weekly Announcements

Who is eligible to participate in the Robotics Program?

  • Any student enrolled in either out TRiO ETS or UB program is eligible to participate.
  • Students must attend one of the schools we service ( Hillcrest, Prairie Hills, Southwood )

How Do I Apply?
Please complete the interest form by clicking here. Eligible students are invited to join us on the zoom orientation call that will take place this summer to find out how the program will function during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that submitting an interest form and/or application does not guarantee admission into the Media Production Program. Admission to the program is extended following the probationary period. 


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