STEM Robotics Program

The STEM Robotics team is for students who are interested in learning about computers, robotics, and engineering. Our clubs typically meets after school at Hillcrest weekly only during competition season, in a classroom moderated by a 3 Seeds staff member. At the yearly Southworks Engineering and Robotics Olympics, teams of students from across the region design and build robots that compete against opponents in a series of different challenges. Students develop and program their robot in the months before the event, adhering to list of preset rules and regulations. Much like traditional sporting events, these robotics competitions draw large crowds who gather to see which robot will best perform the task it has set out to complete.

We also send a group of students to the ACE Mentoring internship  that takes place in downtown Chicago each fall. The ACE Chicago Mentor Program takes a “hands-on” approach to helping students learn about careers in architecture, construction, engineering and related professions.During the 2019-2020 school year, 300 students from more than 70 citywide high schools (primarily Chicago Public Schools) participated on seven teams with 298 mentors from professional A/E/C firms. They also offer a program that provides paid summer internships at ACE’s participating firms. This program, which includes an orientation and ongoing oversight during the summer, gives students a chance to earn a salary, as well as gain valuable work experience and contacts. To date we have sent 10 students over the last 3 years to participate in this program with one of them receiving a $4000 scholarship last year.

During the summer months we partner with OAI and National Able to offer a CompTia computer certification program where students are able to earn a free laptop and they also have an opportunity to take an industry certification test all free of charge. We do this so that students who are interested in computers can gets some hands on experience that they can add to their resume.

Who is eligible to participate in the Robotics Program?

  • Any student enrolled in either out TRiO ETS or UB program is eligible to participate.
  • Students must attend one of the schools we service ( Hillcrest, Prairie Hills, Southwood )

What are the objectives of program?

  • Raise awareness of STEM courses and available training programs
  • Elevate the profile of potential STEM careers in the wider community
  • Encourage students to compete in local STEM-related competitions and challenges
  • Enable students to better understand potential careers
  • Increase opportunities to connect with companies in the industry

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